About Krimfestivalen

«One of the best Crime-writings festivals around the world»

– The Guardian

Norway has the world’s highest percentage of crime fiction readers. Whereas Scandinavian crime fiction was once considered a cult genre, it now has a well-established position in the literary market. Krimfestivalen aims to celebrate and explore this phenomenon in an international perspective.

Krimfestivalen has more than 50 visiting authors and hosts 50 events annually. It is a place for authors and dedicated readers to meet, discuss content and celebrate the crime fiction community.

This year’s festival will take place from Thursday March 18th to Saturday, March 20th. And you can se all the events her at this site. 12 of the events will be in english with these authors: John Grisham, Harlan Coben, David Baldacci, Val McDermid, Peter Swanson, Ben Macintyre, Sam Lloyd, CJ Tudor, Cara Hunter, Clare Mackintosh, Romy Hausmann and Patrick Reeden Keefe.

Interviews in English


Kl 1230                      Meet the Americkan legend Harlan Coben                                   

Kl 1330                      This year’s crime breakthrough: Romy Hausmann

Kl 1430                      Agent Sonya – interview with the spy expert Ben Macintyre

Kl 1500                      Meet the Scottish crime queen Val McDermid

Kl 1630                      Fatefull Queens’ gambit with Sam Lloyd


Kl 1000                      Meet Cara Hunter – the new British shooting star

Kl 1100                      Meet C.J. Tudor – the winner of The Golden Bullet

Kl 1230                      Meet the King og thrillers David Baldacci

Kl 1500                      Say nothing – a true story about murder, terror and IRA with Patrick Radden Keefe


Kl 1130                      Meet Peter Swanson – the new Hitchcock

Kl 1600                      Meet the King of Courtroom dramas John Grisham

Kl 1700                      Meet Clare Mackintosh – Policewoman and author